"I am the darkness within! I am the caged beast at the heart of humanity! The spirit of--"

"London at night! I know!"

- Hyde and Jekyll, Ch. 2 Pg. 33

Edward Hyde is the alter-ego to Dr. Henry Jekyll, in many ways the doctor's opposite. However, he is a fragment of Henry's own soul, which the latter separated from himself via the creation and consumption of a formula.

Hyde also appears to be the on-again off-again narrator of the comic itself.

Physical Appearance

Edward Hyde has chin-length blond hair that is in a perpetual state of fluffy disarray. He has bright green eyes, and typically looks bored, or has a nasty grin on his face while he is speaking with Jekyll, though while around others he does appear happy.

He usually wears a green waistcoat, white dress shirt, black pants, black shoes and a black top hat with a green ribbon. His black cloak is torn at the edge and riddled with holes - he does this himself.


Edward is a manifestation of Henry's inner desires. He is boisterous, disruptive, vulgar, and has a number of nasty habits that most people in Victorian society would rather keep under wraps if they shared them. He also enjoys monologuing his adventures through these habits in the form of purple-prose poetry.


  • When Jekyll is in control of their body, Hyde will appear in reflective surfaces, most often in mirrors and glass, or as Jekyll's shadow. This remains true for Jekyll when Hyde is in control of their body, as well.
  • Edward is friends with Rachel Pidgley, and the two often bond over shared interests, such as food and distaste with societal norms.
  • He can fake a cockney accent.
  • He is shorter than Henry, but he is stronger, and possesses superior agility and nimbleness, as he is able to hop from rooftop to rooftop, and was even able to perform the same daring escape that Cutthroat Lucy is rumored to have once performed.


"Rachel: Oh, it's just you, master Hyde! For a moment there, I thought I was in real danger!

Hyde: Who says you're not? What could a little maid like you know of the dark ocean of my depravity? (Rachel giggles) There is no giggling in the depravity ocean!" (Ch. 3 pg. 16)

"Hyde: The man who I was is far away now, buried somewhere deep in the sad little box of his sad little life. (Jekyll: You do realize I'm hearing all of this, don't you?) Hyde: So? Can you do anything about it?" (Ch. 3 pg. 20)
"I felt younger, lighter, happier in body and soul, and I knew that, for the first time in my life... I was truly free." (Ch. 6 pg. 2)


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Wiki hyde jumping

Soaring through the London night.

Hyde jekyll apparition

Hyde can appear to Jekyll as apparitions, not only in reflections and shadow, but before and around him, as well.

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Hyde possesses astonishing physical abilities and agility.