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The Fanmade Wiki for the ongoing webcomic, The Glass Scientists, a gaslamp fantasy reinterpretation of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, featuring numerous other classic and gothic literature references and characters.

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Set amidst a landscape of bubbling potions and misunderstood monsters, The Glass Scientists explores themes of identity and self-acceptance in a world ruled by shame and fear.

  • This story includes LGBTQ+ themes and characters
  • Recommended for ages 13+
  • Content warning: light swearing, action violence, blood, body horror, sexual themes, depictions of homophobia, transphobia, mental illness and trauma

The Glass Scienetists is written and illustrated by Sage Cotugno, accompanied by the comic's color assistant and background inker, Velo, and previously accompanied by Tiina Purin, former cleanup colorist.

This website is still under heavy construction, but new contributions are always welcome!